Our Alumni 

Our programmes often act as a springboard for delegates to put opportunities for cross-sector working into practice once they return to their workplace. Here we will share some of the stories about 'what happens next...' 

Sue Williams, Borough Commander, Metropolitan Police 

Redbridge First Response Service (ReFRS) is an early intervention initiative for front line services who, using a specially designed toolkit can seek support for a vulnerable adult by way of making a referral to another agency via a central process that then forwards on the referrals to one of 45 partners agencies. 
I attended the CSLE Course on an "Aging Society" and came up with the idea after my syndicate sought to find a way that front line staff take responsibility for highlighting issues that affect vulnerable adults even though the issue may be out of their area of expertise i.e a health visitor may notice a smoke detector is not working and can make a referral to Fire and Rescue to conduct a check or a police officer may visit an elderly person with dementia but whilst not serious enough for immediate notification they may want to seek additional support for the person through Age UK. On returning to the work place I looked at some Toolkits other authorities had used and sought to adapt something for local use. I then met the co-ordinator of ReFRS, Bushra Baig-Daykin, who was working on a vulnerable adult scheme and we decided to put our two schemes together, I worked on a wider application for the Toolkit and created a check list that identifies a range of preventative services and early intervention support in three areas: Health and Wellbeing; Income and Finance; and Safety and Security. Bushra developed a referral process. ReFRS aims to complement existing services and strengthen partnership work in the best interests of the referred person. We put on a number of seminars for front line workers that has enabled a greater understanding of issues affecting our communities and encouraged networking between the agencies. I presented the project to the local Health and Wellbeing board and Community Safety Partnership to gain support from partners. The Scheme was launched on December 9th 2013 and now has 45 partnership agencies involved and is widely used by police, health services and voluntary sector. It is the first of its kind in London. The benefit for us all is by working together we can reduce demand on our services by ensuring those in need receive early intervention before a situation spirals out of control increasing the demand on all agencies. 
'This is a fantastic partnership initiative which ensures front line staff can make referrals easily for vulnerable adults to ensure they are supported at the first opportunity before the demand increases on public services. We have had some really interesting seminars with partnership agencies which has enabled officers to work with other front line workers to understand their roles and how we can work together to keep people safe in Redbridge'. Sue Williams 
" The five minutes it takes to fill out and submit a form, makes all the difference to the lives of those vulnerable people. I think it’s a brilliant scheme" 
PC Rebecca BOODLE 341JI a user of the scheme and pictured above. 
The Compact 
The Compact is a voluntary agreement that aims to foster strong, effective partnerships between public bodies and voluntary organisations. Its principles apply to all relationships between voluntary organisations and public bodies that are distributing funds on behalf of the government. 
Many local areas in England also have a local Compact. Local Compacts cover partnerships between voluntary organisations and local public bodies (such as councils, police and fire services, health commissioners). They take the principles of the national Compact and reinterpret them to reflect local circumstances. Every government department is signed up to the principles of the Compact. The Compact is designed to be beneficial to both sectors, and to establish a framework for good partnership working. 
The Compact outlines five principles for both sectors to follow. Within each principle, there are undertakings for both sectors to commit to. The Compact principles are: 
A strong, diverse and independent civil society 
Effective and transparent design and development of policies, programmes and public services 
Responsive and high-quality programmes and services 
Clear arrangements for managing changes to programmes and services 
An equal and fair society 
Further details about the Compact can be found by clicking here. 
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